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Medical and Institutional history of the National Health Service The Development of the London Hospital System, 1823 - 2013
Geoffrey Rivett From Cradle to Grave - the first 65 years of the NHS


Geoffrey Rivett writes contemporary medical and institutional history about the National Health Service and about the London hospital System.  His two books, originally published by the King's Fund, are kept up to date on internet on this site; navigate by using the links above.

There is a demand for hard copy and his first book on London's hospital system, long out of print, has been brought up to date and is now available in its second edition.  It is available on a print on order basis on paper, as a pdf and as an e-book

To order it, click on the image of the book on the right, or go to www.londonhospitalsystem.co.uk.
The Development of the London Hospital System starts in 1823 covers the roots of the hospitals, poor law, voluntary and fever, and how they came to be part of a system, a process continuing to this day.  It deals with the steps leading to the creation of the NHS better than the history of the NHS that takes the existence of th NHS as a given.
It costs from £5 to £25 depending on the format required.
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The second book on the National Health Service is of wider interest, is substantially longer, includes much clinical material and sections nursing and medicine, as well as organisational, political and financial material. 


It too is being re-issued as a second edition and the additions since the first edition ended in 1998 now make it necessary to split it into two volumes.  The first volume that covers the first four decades is finished and a final draft can now be purchased in hard copy or as a pdf which is far cheaper - only trivial changes will now be made.  The second part covering 1988 to the present will be available by the end of the year 2014 and the writing of the two new chapters covering the period since 1998 is now virtually complete.  A few interviews and detailed sub-editing now remain.  The online chapters have been replaced in line with the revised text.


From Cradle to Graves is the most substantial account available of the NHS since its inception -
what has happened from 1948 onwards and why, rather than what people think will happen. A reviewer described it as "an epic story full of drama, tragedy, intrigue and many instances of humour."  Devolution has created major differences between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and the latter three countries are not specifically considered; neither do I stray into social services, dentistry or research.  Chapter 6 and chapter 7 have now been re-written and improved.
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Recent additions to the text include

CQC 'not fit for purpose' - Keogh report and eleven hospitals in special measures
Keogh Reports on A&E and Seven day hospitals.
NHS England appoints Simon Stevens to replace Nicholson
Francis Report on Staffordshire & DH final response
Updated financial note (Parliamentary)
Site contents include
inheritance of the NHS in 1948 and the events from 1948 by decade

a summary of the past decades
a simple guide to the NHS (recently revised)and a link to BBC Archives on the NHS
a list of CMOs & Ministers pre and post 1948
Financial information,
earlier (for the UK) and later (for England) periods - see Parliamentary briefing)
site contents

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home inheritance1948-19571958-19671968-1977 1978-1987 1988-1997  1998-2007 2008-2017envoishort history London's hospitals



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